Top 4 Platforms for Creating an Online Store

Top 4 Platforms for Creating an Online Store

The key role of any successful business is played by a universal platform for creating an online store. There is a large selection of CMS on the market today. At first glance, most of them have the same set of features and capabilities. Some have good basic functionality, others better work with specific tasks. To understand which one to choose, consider these CMS reviews.



This is one of the most popular CMS for small and medium businesses on the market. More than half a million entrepreneurs are already using this service to conduct business. Shopify is easy to use, so knowing certain nuances will make it easy for you to manage your own store, even if you’ve never had any website developing experience. Here are some useful features it provides:

  • flexible store setup;
  • convenient control panel;
  •  24/7 support;
  • integration with popular analytics and marketing platforms;
  • there is no limit on the number of added products.



This is one of the most universal platforms. CS-cart is available in 170 countries of the world, so more than 35 thousand sites successfully use this product. Everything you need for an instant start is provided by CS-Cart:

  •  the number of products is unlimited;
  •  the ability to upload a group of product photos, as well as its descriptions;
  • the ability to create the necessary categories and subcategories for products;
  • very convenient function of importing and exporting goods;
  • it is possible to customize order statuses and customer notifications;
  •  high score for site performance by GooglePage Speed;
  • integration with many popular payment services (over 80).



This European open-source CMS is available in 56 world languages. It has wide functionality, which provides entrepreneurs and their customers with a high level of services:

  • management of incoming orders;
  • full-fledged management of sales and customer’s database;
  • it is possible to customize the order script, edit the shopping cart and the client’s personal account;
  • you can set up payment methods, as well as delivery, taking into account the geographic location of the buyer;
  • there are also some special tools: coupons, discounts, price adjustments, and mailing.



This is an online store engine that is distributed for free. Today it is considered the most popular system, which has captured about 30% of the market. Here are the main advantages of it:

  •  numerous both paid and free plugins;
  • possibility to manage several online stores from one system;
  •  numerous marketing tools;
  • different payment methods and delivery;
  • the ability to set specific terms for various regions.

Finally, the rating of engines for online stores makes it clear which platform is better for a user with minimal knowledge in this area. Good luck!

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