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How to Decide What to Sell in an Online Store

Those who no longer want to work for someone else usually come up with the idea to create their own business. One of the most relevant areas for development here is online sales. Do you think that the initial capital and experience are still not enough to launch your online project? Don’t worry: e-commerce has one of the lowest entry barriers of any business, so even a beginner can achieve success in it if he understands well what to sell on the Internet and how. In this article, we will tell you what types of products are worth paying attention to and how to earn a solid income.

Top-5 Best Products to Start With

You have already found your niche, studied the preferences of the potential audience, and found the best suppliers. However, there is still a question of how to choose from the huge assortment of those products that will become a source of stable profits and will allow the new commercial enterprise to develop further? read more

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PrestaShop Vs Shopify: Which Platform Is Better?

Most novice Internet users are very careful when choosing a solution for creating a website. They are 100% right, especially when it comes to opening an online store. Commercial business has long been moving online, so even large offline trading platforms are creating online stores. Therefore, choosing the best e-commerce solution is crucial. Most of the platforms are good, but how to choose the most suitable for your business? We recommend you to read this competitive review of the popular Internet commerce platforms — Shopify and PrestaShop.

Prestashop Vs Shopify: A Detailed Comparison

PrestaShop is a specialized Internet commerce platform created for large companies and commercial projects. It uses modules to work with additional features (such as a blog). Among the key advantages of the platform, we can define the following: read more

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How to Select the Right Name for Your Online Store

Recently, the volume of sales on the Internet has significantly grown. Many consumers have begun to make purchases online if they see obvious advantages and benefits for themselves. Now you can visit your favorite store without leaving your home using a laptop, smartphone, or other gadgets. That is why store owners are trying to make the online marketplace as convenient and attractive as possible. However, the wrong selection of name can make the customers ignore your store. How to select a proper name? Let’s figure out.

 What Can the Name of an Online Store Influence On?

So, the name of the store performs several functions simultaneously: read more

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