How to Select the Right Name for Your Online Store

How to Select the Right Name for Your Online Store

Recently, the volume of sales on the Internet has significantly grown. Many consumers have begun to make purchases online if they see obvious advantages and benefits for themselves. Now you can visit your favorite store without leaving your home using a laptop, smartphone, or other gadgets. That is why store owners are trying to make the online marketplace as convenient and attractive as possible. However, the wrong selection of name can make the customers ignore your store. How to select a proper name? Let’s figure out.


 What Can the Name of an Online Store Influence On?

So, the name of the store performs several functions simultaneously:

  • helps to remember a new brand or recognize a famous one;
  • forms the first impression of the company among visitors;
  • affects the customer’s behavior;
  • provokes certain emotions;
  • attracts attention.

Therefore, do not underestimate the importance of the name, but rather pay attention to the rules of its successful choice.


Current Trends in Choosing the Name of Online Store

Names that demonstrate the symbiosis of simplicity and uniqueness are fashionable today. Unusual words/phrases look interesting while containing a certain logic, associations, and semantic content. One of the most popular choices is an exclusive word that doesn’t exist in the dictionary. Such global brands as Reebok, L’Oréal, Fanta are a good demonstration of successfully generated names that have become legendary. They are known in almost every corner of the world. Extraordinary words are easy to read, and it is really easy to remember them.

So, there are several other ways to find a suitable name for your online store:

  • associative — causes the reader to associate (“Meow” — goods for animals);
  • thematic or informative (Everything for repair, Express credit);
  • merging several words into one (MasterOk, Stockland);
  • rhymed combination of two words (Cat Pet);
  • combination of several languages.

If choosing a name for a trading platform causes difficulties for you, then use the services of professional namers. They will analyze the market situation, monitor the activities of competitors, assess the position of your products on the market, determine the target audience, goals, and, as a result, personally select several suitable options.


How to Choose a Name?

First, you should define the target audience. If you have identified the target audience, then you have information about the age range, fields of activity, hobbies, social status of future clients. Detailed monitoring of such information about customers as their interests and preferences will allow you to be one step ahead, to guess the tastes of the majority, and to name an online boutique appropriately and attractively. Good luck! 


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